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roasting of metal sulfides

20111110ensp ensproasting of metal sulfides was already one of the main technologies in the company Outotec has developed roasting solutions for copper gold zinc lead molybdenum and pyrite ores The continuously expanded and upgraded research facilities provide an excellent basis for

Kinetics Of Roasting Of Copper And Iron Sulfides

Roasting is a preparatory operation before melting on matte or crude metal in pyrometallurgy and is necessary for the partial or sufficiently complete removal of excess sulfur sulfides into gases that need to be processed to produce sulfuric acid in hydrometallurgy oxidative roasting

Roasting Metallurgy Britannica

In hand tool smelting heat the washed ore roasting or dressing not only to dry it but also to burn off sulfides and organic matter early practice involved heating the ore in intimate contact with charcoal to provide the essential reducing atmosphere producing a metallic sponge made up of metal and slag

High Oxidative Process For Dead Roasting Of

201814ensp enspthe principle of roasting lies in the tendencies of the metal sulfides to form stable oxides during the oxidation process at the start of roasting process some complex sulfides as pyrite fes2 and chalcopyrite cufes2 are decomposed under the condition temperature of the process these reactions

Extraction Of Metals From Complex Sulfide Nickel

The recovery of valuable metals from complex sulfide concentrates was investigated via chlorination roasting followed by water leaching a reaction process is proposed on the basis of previous studies and the results of our preliminary experiments during the process various process parameters were studied including the roasting temperature the addition of nh4cl the roasting time the

Is Roasting A Process In Which Metal Sulfides Are

200899ensp enspyou ask specifically about roasting of metal sulphides probably the most common is the roasting of fes2 to produce so2 for the production of h2so4 4 fes2s 11 o2g 2 fe2o3s 8 so2g here the sulphide is conveted to an oxide of sulphur and of iron the metal sulphides are a good source of so2 gas for acid production

The Sulfide Ore Looping Oxidation Process An

This novel method utilizes the reactions of metal sulfides and metal oxides it is applicable to singlemetal systems such as mo cu co ni fe and zn individual sulfides and to mixed sulfides such as chalcopyrite and mofe in addition to primary ores waste stream products such as spent catalysts can be effectively processed the benchmark work done on mos2moo3 resulted in an moo2 product

True Or False Roasting Is A Process In Which Metal

200997ensp ensptrue or false roasting is a process in which metal sulfides are converted to metals

Metallic Sulphide And Sodium Carbonate Metal Journal

2015123ensp enspthe interaction of nonferrous and iron sulfides with sodium and potassium carbonate is little studied patent 4541993 usa offers joint sulphatization roasting of sulphide ores and carbonate or bicarbonate of alkali metals for extracting nonferrous metals copper nickel cobalt and zinc studies of the behavior of pbs cu 2 s bi 2 s 3 fes 2

Oxides Sulfides Chlorides And Carbides Extractive

Thermodynamic data for sulfides and chlorides metalcarbon phase diagrams and the ellinghamrichardson diagram for carbides carbon and carbon oxide reactions of licoo 2 from spent lithiumion batteries through a lowtemperature ammonium chloride roasting approach thermodynamics and

Pdf Sulfation Roasting Of Nickel Oxidesulfide

Sulfation roasting a common activation technique is a potential method for cleaner production of nickel from complex lowgrade ores nonferrous metal sulfides and ammonium sulf ate in the

Thermal Analysis For Oxidation Roasting Of

Pyrite roasting process was studied by using tgdta thermal analysisthe effects of sample sizeheating rate and roasting atmosphere on the roasting process were discussedthe oxidative peak temperatures of dta curves for pyrite roasted in air are lowered with

Pyrite Roasting An Alternative To Sulphur

20091015ensp enspbyproduct of nonferrous metal sulfide beneficiation plants figure 1 source and demand for sulphuric acid plants the roasting processes as shown in figure 1 are related to the fluid bed reactor the largest single line stationary fluid bed roasting plant in operation today has a capacity of 1130 td of pyritepyrrhotite concentrate

Thermodynamic Considerations In Metal

2012725ensp enspprocesses for zinc extraction roasting of sulfides and removal of phosphorus from molten metal respectively finally the zinc fuming from lead blast furnace slag is analysed by assuming chemical equilibia between the slag and the gas phases introduction in general a process for extraction of metals has two components

Why Do Metal Sulfides Need To Be Roasted Why Are

Most common and inexpensive reducing agent coke carbon if c reduces sulfides product would be cs2 metal but cs2 is not a very stable compound thermodynamically gibbs free energy of formation 67 kjmol 0 but co2 is extremely stable dg

Roasting Metallurgy Wikipedia

202111ensp ensproasting is a process of heating of sulphide ore to a high temperature in presence of air it is a step of the processing of certain oresmore specifically roasting is a metallurgical process involving gassolid reactions at elevated temperatures with the goal of purifying the metal components often before roasting the ore has already been partially purified eg by froth flotation

Metal Sulfides An Overview Sciencedirect Topics

Metal sulfides are characterized by lower thermodynamic stabilities in comparison with those of corresponding oxides 2 7 8 thus the dissociation pressures of sulfides are much higher and do not differ so significantly as in the case of metal oxides 9 table 201another feature of transition metal sulfides which distinguishes them from oxides is their lower melting points 6 7 10 table

Process For The Sulfatization Of Nonferrous Metal

The carbonateconcentrate mixture is fed to a furnace for roasting to convert the metal sulfides to sulfates during roasting the roast may be rabbled periodically to maximize reaction reactions for some typical sulfide minerals ores are shown below 2 cufes 2 612o 2 2cuofe 2 o 3 4so 2 7 cuoso 3 cuso 4 8 2nifes412o 2 2niofe 2 o

Outotec Roasting Solutions

2017213ensp enspdead roasting is recommended when the pyrites have no trace of arsenic and when high metal recovery is critical iron sulfides are transformed into iron oxides with the production of sulfuric acid being an important output of this process in terms of ensuring its economic viability in a typical pyrite roasting plant gas temperatures can be

Recovery Of Copper From Copper Sulfide Concentrate By

2015117ensp ensproasting temperature was the key factor considered during sulfation roasting complex copper sulfides decomposed sufficiently and less copper sulfate decomposed were the key step to achieve high copper extraction when the roasting temperature is no higher than 650c there would be mainly metal sulfates and sulfur dioxide formed

Chemical Principles Of Materials Production

20111218ensp ensptypical ores or concentrates which are roasted are the sulfides of cu zn and pb in these cases the main purpose is to convert the metal sulfides partly or completely into oxides for subsequent treatment so2 is then a byproduct but for pyrite roasting

Why We Do The Process Of Roasting On Metal Sulphides

It is easier and more cheap to convert metal oxide to metal than from sulphide thus sulphide is first converted to oxide

Us2813015a Method Of Roasting Metal Sulfide

Us2813015a us426752a us42675254a us2813015a us 2813015 a us2813015 a us 2813015a us 426752 a us426752 a us 426752a us 42675254 a us42675254 a us 42675254a us 2813015 a us2813015 a us 2813015a authority us united states prior art keywords bed slurry agglomerates roasting gases prior art date 19540430 legal status the legal status is an assumption and is not a

Roasting Of Sulfide Minerals Wiley Online Library

Obviously roasting is a very vast field with multifarious aspects covering the fundamental applied and industrial aspects of many metal sulfides it would not be possible to survey the whole field with any justice however it would be interesting to discuss the relevant chemistry and thermodynamics of roasting with the primary aim

Sulfide Ores An Overview Sciencedirect Topics

As noted above the roasting of most metal sulfides yields either the oxide or sulfate however a few metals can be obtained directly by oxidation of their sulfides and these all have the characteristic property that their oxides are much less stable than so 2

Kinetics Of Roasting Of Copper And Iron Sulfides

Roasting is a preparatory operation before melting on matte or crude metal in pyrometallurgy and is necessary for the partial or sufficiently complete removal of excess sulfur sulfides into gases that need to be processed to produce sulfuric acid in hydrometallurgy oxidative

Roasting An Overview Sciencedirect Topics

Kg thomas ap cole in gold ore processing second edition 2016 abstract roasting of ores and concentrates can be defined as the heating of a material to cause reaction and the expelling of volatile matter without causing fusion oxidative roasting is used extensively to pretreat base and precious metalbearing materials and to oxidize iron sulfides to generate sulfur dioxide for

Pdf Thermodynamics Of Salt Roasting Of Sulphide Ores

Little attention has been devoted to the reaction process associated with roasting sulfides using nh 4 cl as a chlorinating agent 3 iron oxides or metal chlorides undergo combination

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