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human detecting robot coal ampmine

HAZARDOUS GAS DETECTING RESCUE ROBOT IN COAL Hazardous Gas Detecting Rescue Robot in Coal Mines 71 Fig 1 The schematic diagram of the robot Fig 2 Top view of the robot Fig 1 Bottom view of the robot Move on level B Mechanical Design The robot has dimension 500x320x130 mm which is the length width and

Human Detecting Robot Coal Ampmine

Coal mine robot project report slideshare 7 nov 2013 coal mine surveillance robot hazardous gas detecting method applied in coal mine detection robot khadar embedded 383 views it on the mine site to its destination and unload without requiring human intervention

Human Detection Robot Circuit Using 8051

2 ensp enspenter l and r to move the robot in left and right directions while the robot is moving if any human detected by the pir sensor robot stops moving and a buzzer is switched on applications following are the main applications of this human detection robot human detection robot can be used at the time of natural calamities to save the lives of

Mine Detection Robot And Related Humanitarian

201971ensp ensphuman work in this paper we are proposing a robot that has the aptitude to detect the buried landmines and let user control it wirelessly to avoid human causalities there are about 110 millions around the world and between 5 and 10 million more mines are

Pdf Hazardous Gas Detecting Coal Mine Robot

Hazardous gas detecting coal mine robot v k gobinath 1 s mohan kumar 1 d veeramani 2 pnarunprasad 2 dperiyar selvan 2 1 assistant professor 2 ug scholar

Detection Of Poisonous Gases Using Mini Robot In Coal

20141010ensp enspthe idea of a mini robot to be able to aid the rescue team entering into a coal mine 3 the robot is used to reach the disaster zone and it is used for rescue and research operations the robot can go into explosion environment and detect gas content the robot

Human Detection Robot Using Pir Sensors

The robot has to be tested under closed environment where the presence of sunlight is less so the test was performed inside a room the testing phase had two parts the first one is testing for detecting a human and the second test is detecting any obstacle to test the robot for detection of human it has to succeed the test conditions

Design Of An Adaptive Coal Mine Rescue Robot Using

2015427ensp ensphuman as well as material losses that are happens during rescue operations in the coal mines the idea of a mobile robot in coal mine is able to aid the rescue team to be picked up with the tremendous upliftment in the wireless technology 2 the mobile robots are

Automatic Land Mine Detection And Sweeper

201549ensp enspan automatic robot which is capable of detecting buried landmines and taking from their locations while enabling the operator to control the robot wirelessly from a distance minh daojohnson tran et al 2010 the detection of the buried mine is done by using metal detectors since most land mines contain metal components the robot will

Human Detection Seminar Ppt With Pdf Report

Sumit thakur ece seminars human detection seminar and ppt with pdf report this seminar trades with live personal detection robot is based on eight bit microcontroller human detection seminar ppt with pdf report hardware requirements power supply micro controdller at89s52 dc gare motor relays pir sensor features compatible with mcs51 products 8k bytes of

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